Yearly property expences

It is worth to emphasize that all the payments in Greece are paid by data from the counters (water, electricity etc):

Water prices depending on consumption:

  • at a flow rate of water 0-5m3 - 0,39 € per m3
  • at a flow rate of water 5-20m3 - 0,61 € per m3
  • at a flow rate of 20-27m3 - 1,75 € per m3
  • at a flow rate of 27-35m3 - 3,05 € per m3
  • BUT, even if you do not use anything - a compulsory payment 11 € per month.

Prices of electricity according to consumption:

  • at a rate of 0-2000 kW per 4 months - 0,09 € per kWh
  • at a rate of more than 2000 kWh per 4 months - 0,10 € per kWh
  • But the monthly payment is mandatory - the amount of prepaid kWh of 12,5-13 €. Every 4 months recalculation send to e-mail and, if necessary, additional payment is made

Heating: in Greece there is no central heating. Individual heating systems are installed and mainly work on diesel (diesel costs 0,95 € per liter) or they use electric batteries

Internet Payment (unlimited) 26,36 € per month (ADSL - broadband internet), and you are enable to have landline

Municipal tax of 35-60 € per year (coming in the account for electricity) - a garbage disposal, roads, etc.

Annual property tax which is about 200-600 € per property (depends on many different parameters.

All further costs are paid in case you will need the following services:

  • landline, internet, alarm system (26,36 euros per month)
  • pools (pool maintenance costs 200-250 € per month during the season),
  • gardeners (care of plants do not require frequent watering - like olive or fruit trees, mowing the lawn 50-100 euros per month)
  • Cleaning 6-8 euro per hour

If you buy a house in Greece in a gated community in a complex of villas and townhouses where there is own infrastructure such as swimming pools, playgrounds, tennis courts, etc., the care of the whole community is centralized and is included in the amount of your annual "club fee" (security services, gardening and cleaning etc) which usually does not exceed 1500-2000 euros per year.

Administrative Services
You certainly concerned about the issue of safety of your property in your absence. To solve this problem, we recommend you to companies offering high-quality and reliable services at a fixed price. Anyway, most of the new residential complexes clock security provided by cameras and security personnel.

Case study:

For example, take the standard house in Greece, in the region of Halkidiki, the area of 120 m2, with a small land plot (700m2) for a summer residence for 3-4 months and 2-3 weeks in the off-season:

Utility costs and annual taxes:

500 € (electricity + water)
360 € (annual property tax)
400 € (water supply and hot water)
40 € (municipal tax)
It turns out about 1300 € per year, or about 108 € per month (which is very low prices for housing and communal services in comparison with rest of EU)!

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