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Residence permit in Greece

Investment amount: from € 250,000 (excluding taxes)

Objects to buy: On a residence permit in Greece can qualify for the acquisition of residential or commercial property, or the conclusion of a lease or a joint long-term lease of such property for a minimum of 10 years. IMPORTANT: 250.000 € implies the possibility to buy or rent as one, and a few possessions - most importantly, to their total cost of notarized contract of sale was € 250,000 and above.

Ownership: Buy / Long term rental at least 10 years. Fractional ownership is expected only in case of participation of official spouses, or if ownership of "third party" is allowed only if the share of each participant in it is estimated at least € 250 000 €.

Issued to: to the owner and his / her spouse and their minor (under 21 years) children. On 10/07/2015 the Greek Government makes changes in the law 4146/2013. Now the right to have a residence permit for 5 years will have the parents of investor.

The required length of stay in the country per year: Not determined (to preserve the status of residence permit, you cannot even come to Greece during these period and this will not caused later the problem with Permit prolongation)

The right to employment in the EU: No

After how many years it is necessary to renew the residence permit: Extension of residence permit after five years carried out while maintaining the status of the owner of the Greek real estate.

Features: investor has to pay full amount of property in Greece in order to obtain a residence permit and he/she cannot use the credit funds.

Does the length of stay in the country for a residence permit in obtaining citizenship: No, but soon the situation may change for the owners of property worth more than € 250 000. In this case, the owners of the "golden visa" will be able to apply for citizenship on a general basis (assuming a constant living in Greece, the language proficiency test) seven years after their stay in Greece for a residence permit.

Required documents

  • Valid passport (valid for at least one year);
  • Completed applications at required standard;
  • Notarized contract of sale of real estate in Greece;
  • Health certificate of medical examination in the Greek hospital;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Criminal record
  • Information about the family (for applicants who are married / with children).
  • Receipt of payment of the state fee for the residence permit (500 € with an adult)
  • In addition, the applicant in the "golden visa" may request: account statement in the bank confirming that the necessary funds to stay in Greece (minimum € 24 000 euros for the basic supply of + 20% for the wife (husband), and 15% for each child ); income statement 2 personal income tax or a tax return; certificate of good conduct; birth certificate; Marriage certificate.

The process of obtaining a residence permit

Once collected all the necessary documents, the lawyer draws up the buyer's tax number and bank account in Greece. Produced remittance, and a notary confirms the payment of 100% of the total amount of the contract of sale. Now you need to apply to the municipality for the Greek "place of residence": in the same day, the applicant will receive a document confirming residency.

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