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Investments in the vacation rent in Greece

Not everybody knows that the last couple of years, the tourism industry in Greece is breaking all records for growth from year to year and in 2015 Greece becomes one of the world's most popular holiday destinations. More than 25 millions of tourist visited Greece in 2015 in spite all the crisis situation. The biggest airlines with the greatest passenger traffic in Europe ( like Ryanair) , announce plans further expansion in Greece 2015 as  2015 promises to be a record for the number of tourists visiting Greece.

The reasons for this growth are obvious: excellent climate and long coastline, plenty of attractions, convenient logistics from every country in Europe and Russia (the mass of regular flights and charters), a simple and fast procedure for obtaining visas, discounted prices because of the crisis and finally reorientation of a large number of customers from other "problem" of tourist destinations (Egypt, Turkey, etc.) to calm, low criminal and hospitable Greece.

At the same time a strong growth in tourism opened a lot of problematic issues of Greek infrastructure, including the obvious lack of quality resort rental on the market. Greek authorities are investing heavily in infrastructure, new highways, airports, parks. Large investors are building the new large resorts, but unfortunately, the introduction of new hotels and complexes are not keeping pace with the strong growth of tourist flow, hotels can be booked at 100% before the start of the holiday season and the lack of high-quality holiday home is obvious.

Is Buying a Hotel as an Investment Worth Considering?

Many investors from abroad are still trying to invest in the old Hotel fund buying small and old 2-3 star hotels. And they are facing huge problems than:

  • All these properties often have a lot of hidden problem: the old communication that needs to be changed, the reconstruction, which is often much more extensive than it appears when viewed
  • huge competition from the hundreds of small private hotels of 2-3 stars on the coast nearby, which have no difference from one another. often this makes business unprofitable
  • Finally, the low liquidity of such objects and sell them to new owners will be very difficult ...

Revealing the Secret to a Stable Income Stream through Real Estate

They question is: What to offer to small private investor? What to buy if you want to earn a steadily growing tourist market segment? We suggest investing in a house or villa for rent and we can offer:

  • The selection of sites and plot for the construction of a small complex of villas and townhouses (from 2 or more) with its own territory and infrastructure.
  • Help with achievement of all necessary approvals from the authorities for construction, help in choosing a constructor at all stages from obtaining a license to build up to full readiness object, furnishing, equipping.
  • Management of the complex after its entry into operation.
  • Complex advertising campaign on all our resources, services of resort lease object.

What are the main advantages of such investments:

  • Price reduction for the post-crisis real estate market in Greece, allows you to choose interesting options and land plots (close to the sea, infrastructure), and the self-construction saves up to 25-30% of the cost of ready-made proposals.
  • Large demand for resort rentals on the market and the lack of convenient quality proposals. The current yield of the resort rental 7-8% per annum. Such complexes are often booked for the whole season at once large tour operators for their customers or online resources.
  • The real estate market will begin to grow in Greece in 2016-2017 and in the long term period, the investor earns on growth in property prices.
  • Much more liquidity in comparison to the 2-3 stars hotel: if necessary, an investor can sell homes and villas for the summer holidays to the private owners one by one like entire complex.

Ready to invest and looking for the right property? We can help!

In conclusion, I want to say that the market of vacation rent is profitable and this advantage has been already estimated by Europeans. During the crisis, a lot of complexes resort villas were sold out and moved to the management of private investors from the UK, Denmark, Norway, Holland and so on. Even the Greeks, including construction companies quickly shifted non sold houses and complexes to vacation rent. Greek tourism is experiencing the best period, which is characterized by a significant increase in the number of tourists in 2015 up to 25mil people ( its was Just 10 million in 2005), and forecast for the future is very optimistic . This is a strategically important sector of Greece, the development of which are allocated enormous resources and we can not underestimate the fundamental contribution of tourism to the national economy of Greece.

That's why its getting more and more difficult to find an interesting land from next to the sea, at a discounted price, however you have a chance with our help choose an interesting object and become the owner of the villas for vacation rent.

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