Buying property in Greece - 5 Steps

Please find below the simple and intuitive mechanism for the acquisition of real estate in Greece for citizens of countries outside the European Union. 

First stage has always been to choose and book the desired property. To select the property, the client has to come to Greece and visit the needed places of Greece. English-speaking representative of our company will show the most suitable real estate offers in accordance with the criterias important to the client.

During the Real Estate observation tour the client will be able to see all the selected offers and become familiar with the region and the traditions of the area. If the customer chose one of the offer to purchase, the chosen offer has to be reserved. Reservation deposit is transferred to the owner and at the same time signed a receipt for payment of the amount.

Second step is followed by the total legal control of the real estate acquired by the customer, which conducts by an authorized lawyer. Legal control is carried out in the cadastral and land archive of the region to which the chosen property belongs. The subject of control is: the present condition of property rights, the legal purity of the real estate (encumbrances, lawsuits, arrests, credits and so on to buy property)

If legal control has been successfully passed, then a preliminary agreement or contact between the developer or owner and the buyer has to be signed. This document will indicate the real value of the property, the terms of payment of the amount, as well as penalties in case of not signing the final notary purchase agreement of real estate. The agreement signed by the parties is translated in any language demanded by the two parties. Based on this contract, the buyer will transfer funds for the payment of the property through a bank.

NOTE: If the property that has been selected is located in the area of Greece, which is not considered as cross-border, then skip to step 5 (step 5) the procedure of buying property.

If the property is located in the border area of Greece, namely the Prefecture of the Dodecanese, Evros, Thesprotia, Kastoria, Kilkis, Lesbos, Xanthi, Rodopi, Preveza, Samos, Chios and Florina, the province Nevrokopi Prefecture of Drama, the pursuit and Konitsa prefecture of Ioannina, Almopia and Edessa Palley and Sindica prefecture of Serres prefecture and the island of Skyros and Santorini, the next stage is described paragraph 4 (step 4)

The next step is getting a special permission of local Prefecture to buy chosen property in Greece (this procedure is just for those who do not have Greek or European citizenship). This is just a typical stage of the procedure and should not be scare any future buyer.

The area is divided into the Greek border and the border zone. The criteria according to which region is part of the border area is not always determined by its geographical position and its increasingly strategic value for the country. Areas included in the border area protected from the acquisition of real estate by persons constituting a threat to public order and national security. Accordingly, persons who are not Greek or European citizenship for the purchase of real estate in the border area must obtain a special permit from the local Prefecture.

Αt the end, your lawyer, acting on your behalf, must submit to the Ministry of Defense of Greece corresponding application that is accompanied by a fairly simple set of documents. Well, there is nothingto be afraid of the above mentioned procedure. We take care of making all the necessary actions for the submission of the relevant application and approval. It's just a prolonged procedure time, while, incidentally, can often procede transfering installment payments on the house for the period of receipt of the permit.

Finally the lawyer will issue you a tax number, open a bank account and we are ready to sign notary contract of purchase. It is composed and certified by notary. Under this contract, the ownership of the selected property transfered to your name. Your ownership is registered in the Cadastral Registry and the land archive.

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