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The same day you will come to Greece for signing the Final Payment Notary Act, you will sign for us a Notary’s authorization, giving us the right to prepare, present and deposit on your behalf all the necessary documents in the Foreigners Department of the Prefecture in Halkidiki. We cannot prepare everything for the same day you will be here, because one of the necessary documents is the certification from the Land Registry (confirming that the Final Act has been registered) which will be ready 7-14 days after you sign.

The same day we will deposit your application they will propose us dates for having an appointment there with all the applicants, in order for the Prefecture to take your fingerprints. They normally propose two or three dates, and then I contact you and you will tell me which one is the more convenient for you.

This procedure (fingerprints) takes more or less one hour, so we need you here the day before and you can leave the same afternoon of the appointment. One lawyer of the office will meet you in Poligiros and will be with you during the whole procedure.

Soon afterwards, they will edit the temporary permits (they are valid till the permanent ones are issued and they are accepted only for trips between your country and Greece)

After approx. two months they will call us for going there and having the five years permissions added in your passports.


  1. APPLICATION (we will prepare it for you)

  2. Exact photocopy of passport with entry visa (all pages).

  3. Four (4) colorful recent photographs the same as those of the passports (it is better to take them here in Greece, they have changed the requirements for photos and I have problems with the ones made abroad)

  4. Electronic fee (2000 euros for the owner of the property and 150 euros each adult person. Kids are for free. The price of the LP plastic card is 16 euros per each card). So the State fees are 2016 euros for the owner, 166 euros for each adult and 16 euros for kids.

  5. Health Insurance. For the health insurance I have to know (the people of the Insurance Company want to know for preparing the contracts): height and weight, If there is any serious health problem.

    The cost of the 1 year insurance is approx. 100-150 euros for each person depends on the age. (I have checked them all it is the cheapest in the market. There is only one category of adults 80+ where the yearly haelth insuarance are much higher – about 700-750 euros) We will have to renew it every year for the whole duration of the residence permission, but we don't have to see the insurance people again, only when we sign the contracts. We will guide you so that every year you will pay them through the bank.

    As soon as I have copies of your passport and the information required, I will contact the Insurance Company and we will have the contacts ready for you to sing when you come. Every year, you will pay them through internet and they will send you the contract of renewal. If you need help about that, of course we will be here to help.

  6. Recent, family status certificate or certificate of marriage (with appostile. I will give it for translations here and deposit it).

  7. Fingerprints at the Prefecture after appointment (we will be there for you to guide you, procedure much easier than it sounds)

  8. Property purchase contract and certificate of ownership from the Land Registry (we will prepare all these)
  9. Authorization. As we already informed you, when you come for the contract we will prepare a notary authorization for giving the right to us to run all the procedure.

  10. Lawyers’ fees: 1000 euros per adult and 800 euros per minor of age.

Making for you a list of all the costs I summarize:

  • State fees 2016 euros for the owner, 166 euros per person, 16 euros per kid
  • Health insurance approx. 100-150 euros per person
  • Translation costs approx. 70 euros
  • Lawyers’ fees 1000 euros per adult and 800 euros per kid

Please, if you need any clarification of the above or any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards, Christos Ragatsis, lawyer
+7(903) 622 6616,

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