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Fresh Golden Visa concerns
A deficit of more than 200,000 properties in the local realty market has sent prices soaring.
Golden Visa threshold to be raised
Commercial realty snapped up
Foreigners eye luxury homes
Short-term rental revenue up
Property price rally is ending
Greek Golden Visa Was the World’s Most Popular in 2023 – Time to “Abolish” the Program, Says Main Opposition Party
Full recovery of realty prices
Average house asking prices
The government's plan for the real estate market
Indices of residential property prices: Q3 2023
Athens Home Prices Are Surging Faster Than Other European Cities
Hotel occupancy rates at 90%
Foreigners invested 1.1 bln euros in property in January-June 23

Bank of Greece data show 1.1 billion euros flowed into the country from abroad in January-June, up 39.5% from last year, when foreign investments amounted to €788 million. Growth accelerated in Q2, when €605.8 million was invested, for a 46.2% yearly increase. Throughout 2022 €2 billion had flowed in, up 68% from 2021

Global Property Buyers Eager to Invest in Greek Real Estate
Indices of residential property prices: Q2 2023
Greek Golden Visa Program Attracts Thousands Before Minimum Investment Cost Doubles
Restrictions on short-term leases
Foreign investors drive property boom
Property transactions to speed up
Luxury holiday home prices at decade high
Greece Benefited Nearly €1 Billion in 5 Months Through Golden Visa Scheme
Foreigners invested almost half a billion euros in Greek real estate in just three months.
Real estate prices reaching record highs
Forthcoming Law to Create Investor Residence Permit and Streamline Immigration Processes
Off-plan residential purchases gain ground in Greece

The Greek holiday home market has retained its upward momentum so far in 2023, unfazed by uncertainties in the global economy’s prospects, according to the latest quarterly analysis from Elxis, an expert realtor in the holiday homes market.

Short-term rental expansion
Golden Visa’s huge take-up

More than €1.5 bln has been invested in Greek realty for residence permits in 12 months

Residential prices expected to stabilize over the course of this year
Greece Extends Golden Visa Transition Period by Another 3 Months to July 31st - IMI - Investment Migration Insider
Targeting digital nomads

Greece is seeking to become a pole of attraction for digital nomads – i.e. citizens of third countries who work remotely.

Record foreign buys in realty

Foreign investment in the Greek real estate market, especially housing, recorded an all-time high in 2022. 

Rushing for Golden Visas

Property prices in central Athens have soared on high demand from third-country buyers

A housing ‘armageddon’

Euro Parliament passes regulation that bans sale or renting of homes without energy upgrade

Property sales to speed up

Notaries will be able to retrieve various certificates from several state databases online

Best investment Migration Programs 2023

A ranking of the world’s most important residence by investment programs

Leap in short-stay revenues

Paros, Mykonos, Halkidiki and Athens among the locations with the highest growth in takings last year

Cutting red tape on property

Tax administration tries to reduce bureaucracy in transactions, but faces some resistance

Short-term rental regulation to be put off

Any developments and changes in the operating regime of short-term leases will apparently be postponed till the end of 2024.

Concerns over Greek ‘amnesty laws’ for structures without permit

The devastating earthquakes that hit both Turkey and Syria have turned renewed attention to hundreds of thousands of structures legalized after the fact in Greece and how structurally sound they are.

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Image: Celebrating a Successful Real Estate Deal in Greece
Purchasing Villa in Halkidiki, Greece and Applying for a Residence Permit – Golden Visa in Greece

This summer, June 23, Emil, a citizen of North Macedonia, contacted us with the goal of purchasing a nice villa in Greece and applying for a Golden Visa. The client was interested in Greece from the point of view of a summer holiday for the whole family and for obtaining a residence permit - Golden Visa in this country...

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Embracing Comfort – A Homeowner's Testimonial in Greece
Simultaneous Purchase and Sale of a Villa in Greece with Payment in Rubles on the Territory of the Russian Federation

Our ex-client Boris asked the possibility to sell his house in Greece with being paid in Russia (in euros or rubles). Due to political situation its impossible now to transfer money from Greek bank account to Russia...

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Visual: Luxury Villa Living in Greece
Purchasing a Large 6-Bedroom Villa with a Pool and Seaside Plot in Halkidiki

Artur from Kosovo contacted us with the goal of purchasing real estate in Greece and applying for a Golden Visa for himself and his three adult children. Initially the clients had two scenarios: buy 3 apartments or townhouses by the sea for each of the children or buy one large family villa by the sea for the whole large and friendly family...

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Graphics: Investor's Guide to Greek Real Estate – Illustrated Steps and Testimonials
Real Estate Investments for Long-Term Rental in Thessaloniki with a 20% Yield Right from the Start of the Purchase

In January 2023, we with our trusted client from Moldova Igor, agreed the plan for the investment in Greece for the year. We have been working with Igor for 6 years. All started with a holiday house purchasing...

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Photo: Family-Friendly Property in Greece – Shared Experiences and Recommendations
Reselling a Luxury Villa with 4 Bedrooms, a Pool, and a Cozy Garden on the First Line of the Sea in Halkidiki

Our client from Ukraine, Konstantin, decided to sell his summer villa in Halkidiki, due to moving with his family in another country for permanent residence. A few years ago, he bought a plot with an unfinished building, on the first sealine in Halkidiki...

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buy a townhouse in the suburb of Thessaloniki
Buying a townhouse in the suburb of Thessaloniki

For us the choice of Greece was the saturation solution. My husband and I have been there a few times on vacation, we liked it. Of course, we were attracted by the fact that it is a European Union country...

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Personal experience: of apartments in Greece on the island of Thassos
Personal experience: the purchase of apartments in Greece on the island of Thassos

Why Greece? Greece is my true love, which transmits to my husband, too, as love of an adopted child. My husband and I love Greece for identity, for the climate, for the environment. And even those moments that distinguish the Greeks from other Europeans and are not in a good way - we accept either. This happens only on mutual love!...

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Personal experience: a house with a plot in the complex holiday villas in Kassandra
Personal experience: buying a house with a plot in the complex holiday villas in Kassandra

To own a house by the sea is my old dream. My grandparents lived near to the sea, and I certainly spent their all my summer vacations. All these colors, the smells, the flavors, the view of the sea give me a sense of freedom and happiness from the childhood. My husband understands and supports me...

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Personal experience: a house in Greece on the island of Thassos
Personal experience: the purchase of a house in Greece on the island of Thassos

Our youngest son was born week and was ill for a long; due to doctor's advice, we tried to spent as much time as possible at sea, in a place with clean air and water and good climate, different from the central part of our country. So there was our first experience with Greece...

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