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Northen Greece


Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, located in the northern part of the country with a population that exceeds one million people. Thessaloniki is widely know for its important role throughout history as a multicultural, commercial and international center that connects Europe, Asia and Africa. With a history of over than 2,500 years, this city has a lot to offer and to show to its guests.

This is the largest center of Northern Greece. There was born a great orator Cicero, Apostle Paul preached Christianity, a native of Salonika saints, founders of Slavic alphabet Cyril and Methodius. It is now a great cultural and spiritual center. Here is the University of Aristotle with its huge library, State Theatre, First Greek conservatory. There are many museums telling about the cultural and historical past of Northern Greece. Archaeological Museum with exhibits of prehistoric and Roman eras, the Museum of Byzantine Culture, the Museum of Modern Art, the National Art Gallery, the Ethnographic Museum, Lefkos Pyrgos - White Tower (It was built by the Turks in the XV century to defend the city from the sea. It was a prison, and today its the Museum. In the evening its beautifully illuminated).


Katerini is the fourth largest city of Macedonia, the capital of the prefecture of Pieria. Named in honor of the church of St. Catherine, which was built by monks from Mount Sinai. This is one of the best resorts in Northern Greece and its just 70 km from Thessaloniki.

Pieria is the picturesque coast of the Aegean Sea at the foot of Mount Olympus. It is 80 km from Thessaloniki on the newest highway. In Pieria, you will find ideal conditions for a perfect holidays, clean organized beaches, emerald sea, all equipment for water sports from water skiing to kite-surf. Numerous restaurants and taverns clubs offers the entire holiday season.

Mountain Pieria is a group of ancient settlements at the foot of Mount Olympus with many Byzantine churches and monasteries. Monastery of St.. Dionysius on Mount Olympus (XV century), Early Christian basilica Peter Olympus (XI century) and more

Olympus is a big pick and according to legend ancient Greek gods lived there. Now Olympus is a National Park in Greece. Here you can meet many kinds of flora and fauna. At an altitude of 300-500m there are oaks, chestnut trees and strawberry trees, from 600 to 1700 m you can find spruce, beech, pine, above hardy conifers and shrubs. On the alpine meadows are growing rare herbs and plants. Olympus can be a great opportunity for fitness. On the international path E4, you can go walking and enjoy the waterfall Enipeas and rich vegetation. The Climbers steep western slopes Zilnya and Stephanie. For mountain biking are used special paths. The bravest can go down on a parachute from a shelter Stavros. Every year the huge Olympus Marathon takes place here when runners are climbing to Olympus.

Kastoria is the center of the homonymous province, is located in Western Macedonia. The city is located on the peninsula, which on three sides by picturesque alpine lake Oristeada, and is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. In one version of the name of the town comes from the Greek word "kastoras" - Beaver: these animals lived in large quantities on the shores of the lake. A traditional occupation of the local population was dressing beaver skins. And now the city is famous by shops and manufacture of furs and leathers, factories for the production of fur products. Here, at an affordable price you can buy fur products. The lake provides an opportunity to engage in all possible water sports. It hosts competitions in rowing. Here is the unlimited opportunities for fishing. In the mountains you can hunt partridges, wild boars and hares. On the mountain Vitsi - there is a good ski resort. There are many good hotels in Kastoria. Here, as in the whole of Greece developed an active nightlife: restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and bars.

Meteora is an amazing place where naked ranked giant rocks, "nest" Christian monasteries. Meteora is the place where both fear and delight! Eccentricity Meteor is in harmony with the natural landscape of the phenomenal work of human hands. Grandiose rocks, rushing up from the flat surface Thessalian valley and reaches a height of 600 meters, is a rare geological phenomenon. These amazing, massive rocks  were called Meteora ("meteoros" - floating in the air). Meteors are among the most revered place of pilgrimage for all the Orthodox Christians and at the same time is one of the most visited places as citizens of the country and foreigners

Winter tourism - should also talk about the winter tourism. Famous ski resorts are within 95-190km from Thessaloniki. Where to go:

  • Voras is located 135 km from Thessaloniki, 45 km from the city of Edessa at an altitude of 2524m above sea level. It has 16 tracks (no black slopes), 6 lifts, rental equipment, and school. The center is open every day during the winter season
  • "3-5 Pigadia" is in the western part of the mountain Verminon, 110 km from Thessaloniki, 17 km from the town of Naoussa. Altitude is 1500-2005m. it owns 7 trails, designed for competitions of the international level of up to 10km (1 black), 7 lifts. You can use Rental equipment and school. The center is open daily throughout the year. At the center there is a hotel. All year round, the complex attaracts the fans of outdoor activities: mountain climbing, hiking, mountain biking, skydiving and more.
  • Seli is located in the southwestern part of the mountain Verminon, 95 km from Thessaloniki, 19 km from the city of Veria. Altitude is 1500-1900m. there are 15 tracks (no black runs), 9 lifts, cross-country trail. You can use Rental equipment, school. The center is open daily throughout the year.

Kavala - is located in 150 km from Thessaloniki. This is the picturesque old town amphitheater going down from the mountains to the sea. What to see: Impressive old fortress on the hill above the town, a large arch Byzantine aqueduct, The palace of the Egyptian Sultan Mehmet. Kavala has amazingly beautiful "old town" with cafes, taverns and arcades hudozhestennymi - remained unchanged since 1913. Kavala is a very busy town! From Kavala there are ferries to the island of Thassos and other islands of Northern Greece


Dissociated from a mainland by12 kilometers of water, this island always was the popular place of rest for the habitants of North Greece and nearest Balkan states, in 90th crowd of tourists became more cosmopolitan, tourists came here from all over the Europe. Guests are entertained by the traditional places of Buzuki, national music thunders in taverns, they dance sirtaki, a large Theatre and music festival takes place in July and August. Presentations take place the streets, ferries, in an ancient theatre... Nature-lovers can find the places of surprising beauty here. In spite of pressure of contemporaneity traditional island handicrafts and trades managed to survive.Thasos still lives due to the amazing white marble, it is impossible to find it anywhere else. It is used for sculptures, as decor and export to Europe, to Asia and to the Arabic countries.

Main drink here is not wine, but strong Tsypuro (vine vodka is an analogue of Italian Grappa) and if it is homemade, owners add extraction from fruit, herbaria, spiciness’s and anise. Modern

Limenos (the same as Thasos) serves to the city as a hundredfold, it is interesting in the saved picturesque ancient harbour, ruins of ancient city (an agora, amphitheater and temple of Dionis, which is especially deserves attention) and wonderful new archaeological museum which is one of the best in Greece.

Thasos is famous for its wonderful beaches: Makriamos hidden in a picturesque pine bay with the small nursery of deer, Solyara - an amazing marble beach (all beach and bottom are studded by shallow grains of white marble and the color of water is emerald), 3 km long Christi Amudia, Kinira, magnificent Paradise (part of which  is given to nudists) hospitable Aliki, is a picturesque cape at ancient port, basilica and mass of ancient ruins, Metallia with the layout of minoy labyrinth and lithoidal horoscope, noisy Albatross with any water entertainments, Tripiti, with picturesque caves, Pahis, where pine-trees are inclined straight to water, and a lot of more picturesque beaches…

Among the main sights here it is needed to mark Monasteries, on an island they are only woman: magnificent Monastery of Archangel Mikhail - a staggering kind is opened from here on Saint Aphon, and a main reverent sacred object is a nail from a cross on that Jesus was crucified. One more monastery – is a Saint Pantelemon the Healer with a cave in which a healthful source beats.

For nature and sports lovers there  are pedestrian and up-river walks, jeep safari to the freshwater lake and waterfalls, the largest in Greece competitions for a mountain bike  and excellent conducted routes, diving , jahting  surfing

It is not necessary to forget the splendidly saved ancient mountain settlements: Theologies is the ancient capital of island, Castro, Pangaea with a magnificent church, saving a banner belonging to Richard Lion's Heart and by mass of souvenir shops, Petunia with the museum of sculptor of Vagi, Casaviti drowning in the jungles of sycamores. Only here you will taste young kid (catsikaki), ram stuffed by spinach (arnigimisto), the flowers of courgette are stuffed by goat's cheese (colokitoluludo) and mass of other no less delicious dishes...


Thrace  that's another northeastern Greece! It is not like anything else.


Xanthi is the first city of Thrace. The city's name is associated with the ancient queen of Xanthi, which is a mountainous place chosen for the construction of the fortress. From the fortress was only a piece of the wall on the hill fifteen minutes from the city. The whole town can be seen from the observation deck. View is amazing! In the foreground flaunts mosque. It is not surprising, because almost half of the population is Muslims. Muslims are not the Turks, it is the Greeks, whose ancestors during the Turkish occupation renounced Christianity and converted to Islam. Naturally, they are appropriate names they often end in -ogly. Men seem to have no different from the Orthodox. Women cover their heads and wear long clothes. The main decoration of the central square of the "new" city is a clock tower. Xanthi smells roses: in almost every yard of an abundance of roses of all colors and varieties.


Aleksandropuli - the capital of the prefecture of Evros. The city is the port, railway and bus station, close to the city there is the airport. In Alexandroupolis there are modern shops, banks, cafes, bars, taverns and nightlife. In the evenings numerous cafes and bars are crowded.

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