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Earlier there was only one reason to visit Mikonos to go to the adjacent island Delos, famous for its ruins, but one step at a time Mikonos became the most visited island of Cyclades. In successful year, this small island is visited by up to one million tourists so it can be rather crowded here. Mikonos is known owing to its not trivial beauty, to pure white houses and streets with one hundred chapels, churches and dozen traditional windmills. Many tourists are also attracted by diverse night life and violent cosmopolite night life. Mikonos is known as the gay-resort though lately this glory was taken away with Spanish Sites. Today on Mikonos the gay-tourists are in minority and only in September, their crowd overflows island. A night life on the island is very violent. Many bars and clubs exist for already ten years and are covered with legends. For a warming up It is good to begin with Scandinavian Bar or Piano Bar with concepts in spirit of a cabaret, then it is good to continue in weight of dancing clubs, on night beach parties on Paradise and Super Paradise, in legendary Pyros (the gay club existing with 60х years)...

On Mikonos there are magnificent beaches, their distinctive feature is also the noisy club life, therefore beaches are jam-packed and it is sometimes difficult to find seat conveniently to be arranged

If you are tired from parties, simply take a walk on area of Small Venice in the city of Mikonos, there are art galleries, fashionable cafes, boutiques everywhere here, Admire windmills, visit 2 majestic cathedral cathedrals (Catholic and orthodox), feed from hands of pelican Petrous (a symbol of island Mikonos) which will come across continually to you on a way on narrow small streets of the town...


Naxos is the, largest and fertile island of Cyclades. Due to greenery, he doesn’t look like its next-door neighbors. Distinction only increases by unique architecture of many villages: Venetian heritage left towers and fortified mansions, refugees from Crete, also introduced the influence in local architecture. On Naxos agriculture is actively developed, it is famous for wines and cheeses, sweet liqueur of Kitreon that landers prepare from citrus collected here.

The city Naxos is famous to those that exactly here Tessie returning from Crete gave up Ariadne. Famous Lithoidal Portara, served as a gate to the temple of Apollo. The center of small town is located round an area of Evripeu. An ancient lock (Castro) was saved in city - museums are now located there. An embankment is full in a number of restaurants, offering both fast food and densely to eat up. Night life is concentrated in south part of embankment, here are noisy clubs, bars and cafe, and hardly farther an open cinema, a great  possibility to watch  not dubbed Hollywood blockbuster under bright and  low starry sky

The Beaches of Naxos are various enough, unusual variant of Grotto(here are caves and grottoes with bits and pieces of the sunken settlements), wide beaches of Airos Eorios  - the best place for surfing, in beach of Plaka there are very comfortable camping’s, On the beach of Castraki there are wonderful terms for diving. In mountain part of Naxos it is possible to meet caves and picturesque mountain hamlets and watch towers of ellionic epoch, both marble quarries and monasteries complexes fortified from possible enemies...


An island Paros with a mountain Profitis – Ilias will offer to you all little by little: ancient villages, monasteries, fishing harbors, cobweb of streets in the capital, wonderful beaches, active types of sport and mixed night life. It should be marked that Paros as well as Santorini and Mikonos is quite a tourist, and certainly rather expensive place. The holiday of dormition (on August, 15) grows here into a pageant: at-sea the brightly-lighted up fishing yachts and schooners go out a line-up and all is completed by a magnificent fire show on pleasure of all Greeks and guests of island. Busy Pirikia sets the fashion for the whole island by the white architecture now and then violated by the domes of churches and Venetian building. Right after port and mills there is a well-known 100-gate church Ecotondiapiliany. Master Isadora entrusted its building the his talented student Ignatius, and when a church was completed, and appeared so wonderful, the master consumed by envy was coupled on a roof with a talented student and both collapsed to the foot and broken up to death.. Excavations of ancient .cemetery could be seen nearby, further whole mineral deposit of archaeological grounds. Walks are especially pleasant on an old market street. On the streets with arcades there are villas in Venetian style, traditional for an island, adorned wall fountains. A city is crowned by the large Venetian lock(Castro). In city there is active night life, many discos, clubs, bars and restaurants. Visit the monastery of Agios Anariny on a high rock, get down in Valley of Butterflies (Petaludes) - and admire the myriads of butterflies of the rare tiger coloring, glance in a nunnery to Christ Dasios, take a walk on Наусе and taste local octopuses. On Paros there are sufficient amount of magnificent beaches suited to every fancy and sandy and pebble, and noisy and quiet.

North-eastern, open to all winds the cape of island occupies the beach of Platia-Amos, here it is possible to get up on surf and lease all necessary equipment and instructor, learn to submerge with an aqualung, master a kayak... It is not needed to ignore and island companion of Paros - Antiparos, it is possible to conduct unforgettable time and arrange a picnic...


Patmos is indisputably, the most beautiful and well-known island from all small Cyclades islands. He differs in a unique atmosphere - according to legend, exactly here, in a cave, an apostle Ioannis Theologos (Theologies in Greek) made a new covenant Book of Revelations and with it he defined the fate of island. Founded in 1088 in honor Ioannis Theologos majestic monastery dominates above Patmos both physically - his mighty walls are visible practically from everywhere - and in a noticeable degree spiritually. Although monks no longer govern an island as it was on the extent of 600 years, nevertheless the monastery doesn’t allow an island to move in development in footsteps nearby Braid and Rhodes.  In spite of many visitors - tourists mainly arrive on one day, within the framework of excursion turns, and it is not given tourism to take Patmos fully. Certainly, after midnight, a few clubs continue work, but the drunk and committing excesses tourists are the phenomenon unknown here. Those who remains to spend the night in city a few to lack of hotels and Patmos becomes quite another after sunset, when the last passengers already walked up the decks of the cruise liners. Rock, where the basic population of island lives - on the face of it conflicts with character of pious Patmos. An embankment with its chic cafes and boutiques, filled by expensive arts and crafts – looks rather unexpected for such little small town. In the mids of the season the island is full, and in winter, a district resembles a city-ghost, because even the owners of restaurants and shops get over to Athens or on nearby Rhodes. Choir on grief is very picturesque. In Castellini it is possible to find out bits and pieces of ancient structures, foundation of ancient acropolis. During the first 2 weeks of September a festival of religious music is conducted on an island, in a majestic amphitheater musicians come forward from Russia, Turkey, Greece and all Balkans. Besides the impressive monastery of John Bogoslov and his treasure-house, that you must visit being on an island, there are other sights Monastery the Apocalypse built round a cave in which Saint John heard voice Divine, ancient Choir...Beaches on an island suited to every fancy, sandy and pebble, quiet and noisy with mass of water


When a ferry approaches in Santorin (Fira), you will be impressed by landscape, bold steep cliffs uplifting on hundreds of meters upwards; on them nothing grows, so that dominating colors of landscape - red, black and grey with all not rich variety of tints. A landscape testifies to so dramatic and stormy history, that it really seems legend. 3000 to our era an island successfully developed and was the outpost of Mina civilization, but approximately in 1648 B.C. a tragedy happened - an island-volcano exploded, his middle part had submerged into the sea, leaving after itself an enormous crater by the diameter of 10км, and on the coast of the Aegean sea a frightful earthquake was brought down. Death of Fira inflicted the strong damage of Mina civilization with a center on Crete. This history is bound to the recital of Plato of the Beatific islands of lost Atlбntida, submerging on a bottom marine. Plato insisted on truth of this legend...Now days tourists are not very concerned about this apocalyptic events, they come her for the sake of amazing landscapes unbelievable beaches with black volcanic sand and red pumice and to feel a strange spirit, inherent to the local places that according to statement of local rumor chose vampires. Industry of tourism changed an island, customs and traditional handicrafts stepped back on the second plan. Nevertheless Fire is famous for its wines that perfectly combine with marine products in local taverns. Houses in Fire are caught for dizzy rocks, in rising and sunsets unusually amazing. The most charming village in this island is IA. Houses here, also climb on cliffs, and sunsets – are the most wonderful in Greece. From 8.30 to the 9.00часов evening, all cafes are filled completely; locals young and old go out on balconies and terraces, classic music accompanying to main natural performance - Majestic Sunset plays...

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