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Central Greece

Athens is the capital city of Greece with a great history both ancient and modern. In Athens someone can find many options in terms of food, culture and nightlife. Useful information can be found inside the local tourist guide that contain all the top information in order to arrange the perfect trip in the city that never sleeps.


Attica is the region which includes the capital of Grecce Athens. However mostly tourists visit the region only for the sake of excursions. This neglect is not surprising – the mountains surrounding Athens with three sides all the worse coping with natural protector and huge megalopolis spreading father beyond the designated natural border. But if you are going to stay more in the capital you will certainly enjoy the mountains beauty of Parnas, monuments of antiquity of Ramnus and Cape Sounion. There are also beautiful beaches but it should be noted that due to the proximity of the capital all of them are rather crowded especially during the weekends.

The main attraction of the cape Sunion ( south end of the Attica) is the temple of Poseidon. Rafina is the ferry port from which ferries and catamarans will take you to the islands of the Cyclades, Sporades and Eviu. The ancient Marathon is only 24 km from Athens; famous Marathon battle took place here.

Porto Rafty is a very picturesque small city this bay is closed by coasted islands witch form natural harbor. There are a lot of beautiful cafes and restaurants. For those who love mountain trips, Parnas with its virgin forests is the best place. There is National park there are routes for hiking and mountain bike. You can choose whatever you like for example to go to see the ancient church Agia Triada, Pana cave, or Skipiza spring…

In Elephsina you should see Chapel of Demetry. Elephsina is connected with Fiva and Delfa with an old road. Istmia village on the Corinth channel is the extreme point of Attica.  Loutraki  (famous for its springs and casino) and Perahora administratively belong to Attica Perachora, but it is easier to reach them from Corinth so they should be referred to Peloponnesus


It is very difficult to describe Peloponnesus in a small review. Going there you must buy a guidebook and study attentively all possibilities for rest and cultural enriching. Peloponnesus is a peninsula that in fact became an island after opening of Corinth Channel and he is rich in all the best, what only can be in Greece. Antiquities? Please! Examine palaces in Mycenae and Pelosi, the best ancient theatre in Epidavre, temple of Gods in Olympia which accepted Olympic Games within about 1000 years. Medieval heritage is not far poorer: the Venetian, Franks, Turkish locks and fortresses wait for you in Napfilio, Metone, and Corinth. Unusual towers-fortresses and frescos in ancient churches in Many Byzantine architecture are in Mistrace. Except of great number of cultural monuments there are a lot of opportunities for beach rest lovers. Beaches are especially good on the bank of the west. And it is better to enjoy landscapes inside of peninsula: the wooded mountain ridges, rich in magnificent greenery canyons and ravines, and such splendor it is even difficult to imagine. If there is a desire to connect an acquaintance with Peloponnesus with island part of Greece, then for this purpose the islands of bays of Argolicos, Soloniki, and Ionic islands will suit the best. .  You can take a ferry to go to the islands from many cities. Patra located on Peloponnesus is the second-largest port of Greece - serves as yet and a gate to Europe (to South and Central Italy).

We very recommend rent a car even on 2-3 days. On a car you will be able to look through all from Corinth To Sparta and Kalamata, stopped at Nafplio and fervor to Porto-Heli, to examine Arcadia...


Evia is the second-largest Greek island after Crete. This rather a continuation of mainland part of what was Evia. There is an amusing suspended bridge with width of that all 40м kicked above a channel. In Halkide between a mainland and island Besides it is possible to reach Evia from Halkida by ferries not less than in 6 ports of Evia. Noticeable Italian influence on a south, Venetian and Lombard towers dissipated on all island, Evia give the special, charming kind.

The capital of Evia is a small town Halkida with the population of 50 thousand habitants. Here undoubtedly, the osman district of Кастро deserves attention with its picturesque streets, taverns, fashionable cafes and bars. a beautiful synagogue was saved on. Cotsu 27 St. In Castro you should visit a mosque of 15th centuries, which now serves as a museum, bits and pieces of ottoman fortress, aqueduct, basilica Saint of Paraskevi...

But it is time to go on Evia. The first small town is Eteriait it is a modern, some faceless resort, where only ruins of old Eteri, agora and temple of Apollo are worthy attention. Nine km more East is a resort Amorintos this is a nice, picturesque place with good beaches and delicious fish taverns. The small town of Kimi is located on a green hill, and port is on 4 kilometers far from it they are bound by a highway. It is worth to visit Ethnographic museum, examine the churches of Saint Ann and Nicolay.

North-western Evia is more picturesque. A highway meandering goes uphill, making way through the coniferous forests and narrow canyon. Villages are gates to the north of island. In the village of Procopiusyou should pay your attention to the church of John the Russian о- the relics of saint are kept in it. He was not Russian, but Ukrainian soldier getting in the Turkish captivity. Subsequent to his death in captivity, his remains were mummified and began to work wonder. There are beaches of Kria-Vrisi, Paralia Korinthos and other bays less mastered by tourists, are located next to a hamlet

Further there are a few small cute resorts of Agia Anna with the beach of Angali, beach of Elli Nuka, resort of Pefka, Istia, and Aiakambos and everywhere you are waited by beautiful beaches, cute taverns small hotels.

A modest at first glance small town Limni is built in a spirit of neoclassicism and famous for its thermal sources and spa LutraEdisu - his waters treat everything from bile lithoidal illness to depression. Alongside there are well-groomed beaches, the famous monastery of Adios Nikolas Galataki which is located in 7 kilometers from a city. Carnivals are conducted in Limni, in summer the annual international theatrically musical festival take place, so that it will be no time to you have a tedious time.

Lutra Edipsos is not only a spa-resort ( There is a large fishing and ferry port from where ferries walk in a mainland is located alongside.

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